One step closer to democratising data protection with investment from IQ Capital

One step closer to democratising data protection with investment from IQ Capital

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been backed in our seed funding round by transformative deep tech investors IQ Capital.

At Secretarium, we have been proudly providing our Secure-enclave Distributed Ledger Technology (SDLT) to our customers, including the largest banks, since 2018. Demand for our unique privacy and integrity preserving technology is growing in many sectors, including financial data reconciliation, trading platforms, document escrow, digital currencies and custody of digital assets. We’re confident it has the potential to transform how data is handled around the world, and the time has now come to make it accessible to the masses.

We believe in a world where everybody is empowered to take back control of their data. And we’re building that future in the form of the Secretarium platform: a place where developers can build and deploy their own secure apps with an easy-to-use SDK that packages our complex technology into off-the-shelf modules.

Our founder and CTO, Cedric, said: “We started Secretarium because we believe privacy is both a cornerstone of freedom and a business enabler. Our goal is to create a data haven for both individuals and businesses. Not only that, we also want our technology to be off-the-shelf so that anybody can deploy and run privacy-preserving digital services easily.”

We are grateful to have IQ Capital on board, with their investment, we now have the opportunity to grow our team and scale our technology into other sectors where the requirement to process data without compromising privacy is essential.

Ed Stacey, Managing Partner at IQ Capital said: “Confidential computing will completely change how data is shared and processed across the internet. It allows applications to consume and share data privately, securely, and only as needed. It offers developers robust privacy, integrity, and application state-finality – key attributes of blockchains – without any of their trade-offs.”